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The Millwall Supporters Club Constitution – approved April 2015

The club shall be called Millwall Supporters Club, hereinafter referred to as the MSC.

2.1 - To improve communication between Millwall FC (MFC) and its supporters, represent the views of its membership and encourage and assist MFC to take proper account of the interests of its members.
2.2 - To represent the greatest possible section of the membership.
2.3 - To organise the election of a suitable member of the MSC to be the supporter director on the board of the football club.
2.4 - To provide benefits for members, in association with MFC.
2.5 - To promote membership of the MSC.

3.1 - Membership of MSC is gained automatically when a supporter either becomes a member or season ticket holder of Millwall Football Club.
3.2 - All MSC members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
3.3 - All MSC members are entitled to stand for election to serve on the MSC committee, providing they give 14 days' notice ahead of the AGM of their intention to stand. Notice of intention to stand should be made to the committee in writing by post or via e-mail.
3.4- Candidates for the role of supporter director must be MSC committee members, with a minimum of twelve months' continuous service, a satisfactory attendance record, and not subject to any MFC restrictions, at the time the election is called. The candidate must follow the election procedure; meet the laid down criteria for the role; and be supported by a proposer and three seconders, all of whom must be MSC members.

4.1 - The MSC committee shall be made up of no less than four and no more than thirteen MSC members.
4.2 - On an annual basis, and at the AGM, either four or one third (whichever is the lower) of the thirteen committee seats will, as a minimum, become available for re-election. Should there be more than four potential new committee members standing for election, the number of existing committee seats made available will increase accordingly, to a maximum of six.
4.3 - Re-election of existing members to a new year's committee will initially depend on their attendance at the previous year’s monthly meetings. Should this be equal, then attendance at meetings two years prior will be considered. This being equal, the decision will be made by the drawing of lots.
4.4 - Candidates for the role of MSC chairman must be MSC committee members, with a minimum of twelve months' continuous service, a satisfactory attendance record, and not subject to any MFC restrictions.
The chairman will be elected by the committee at the first committee meeting after the AGM but must also be acceptable to the majority of those that served on the committee in the preceding year. If there are no committee members that served in the preceding year, then the chairman is elected by the committee.
In the event of a tied vote involving the previous year's chairman, the previous year’s chairman will prevail and serve for the next year.
4.5 - Where more than one candidate contests the role of chairman, with none having served in that role before, and a tied vote occurs, then the chairmanship for the coming year will be decided by the casting vote of the outgoing chairman, should they still hold a position. Should this not be the case, the casting vote will be made by one of the other existing honorary officers, in order of precedence: vice chairman, secretary, treasurer. Should the election still be unresolved, the chairman will be elected by the drawing of lots.
4.6 - The committee will also elect a vice chairman, secretary and treasurer using the same voting procedure as that for chairman. Should there be insufficient committee members of twelve months' satisfactory standing for each role, this criterion of twelve months' standing will be set aside.
4.7 - Any serving committee member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the MSC or its reputation, or who conducts themselves in a manner considered unacceptable by the majority of the committee, may be forced to relinquish their position if voted by the majority of the committee. In the event of an equal vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
Should committee members be unable to attend any meeting, they must give their apologies in advance to the secretary. In the event of a committee member failing to attend two out of three consecutive committee meetings, without satisfactory reason, the committee will consider removing the committee member from the committee.
4.8 - If the post of any committee member should fall vacant during a term, the committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy, subject to a majority vote, until the next AGM.
4.9 - The MSC committee will meet on a monthly basis and the meetings will be minuted by the secretary, or other committee member.
4.10 - Each meeting of the MSC committee must be attended by a quorum of in excess of 50% of the committee members.

The MSC committee will
5.1 - Provide support, advice and represent alongside, if requested, any member involved in disciplinary procedures instigated by MFC.
5.2 - Make all best efforts, using all available media, to collect the views of the majority of the membership.
5.3 - Represent the interests of the membership in all aspects of attending games, both at home and away.
5.4 - Monitor the conduct and performance of the supporter director to ensure they meet the criteria of the Terms of Reference. If the committee considers either or both of these to have fallen below the acceptable standard, the committee will inform the football club. Subject to mutual agreement, a new election will be held.
5.5 - Organise events to encourage the positive social aspects of MSC membership.

6.1 - At least 21 days’ notice shall be given of the MSC AGM, which will be held in April each year.
6.2 - The AGM will receive from the Treasurer the annual report and accounts, audited and approved by an independent accountant as being a true and fair record.
6.3 - An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called upon the request of 25% of the members.  Notice of the intention to hold an EGM and the reason should be served on the secretary in writing.  The EGM must be held no later than 21 days following receipt of this notice.
6.4 - The chairman of the committee shall hold both a deliberative and a casting vote at any MSC meeting.
6.5 - Any change to the MSC constitution shall require a two thirds majority acceptance vote of those members present at the vote.
6.6 - Any proposal to change the constitution must be submitted in writing to the secretary within seven days of the announcement of the AGM. The secretary must then publicise the proposal(s) in the remaining fourteen day period, allowing these to be submitted for discussion and vote at the AGM.

The MSC is a non-profit making organisation. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non- profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the MSC.

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