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MSC / Club Meeting - 19 June 2017

In attendance - Steve Kavanagh (MFC). Ted Robinson, Bob Asprey, Stan Godwin, Graeme Smale, Kathryn Gale, Tom Gale (MSC). Apologies - Alan Williams (MFC).

2017/18 season tickets - 5,827 sold, 300 up on the total at the beginning of the 2016-17 season. Where the cut off point is for loyalty points will be decided after the fixtures come out.

2017/18 memberships - It is envisaged that they will go on sale in week commencing 26th June and that they will be the same price and offer the same benefits as last season.

Club Questionnaire
- The questionnaire to fans has still not happened. It is still intended to be done but probably not before the new season starts. Surveymonkey will probably be used, care must be taken to ensure it is not too large. If it is, it would be appropriate to do smaller questionnaires, but more frequently.

Play-Off Final and End of Season - Some fans had complained that ST holders only had one opportunity to buy, i.e. if they accessed the system for additional tickets, but within their allocation, they were unable to purchase. Further, when buying the first time, supporters were not told that this would happen. Also, if you bought, say, 16 tickets, you had to have them all in a row. Steve explained that the club was able to choose which ticket agency to use, but customers were not able to choose their seats (as opposed to blocks) due to the very short time available to sell the tickets.
Are the club considering producing a DVD of the last season or two? Steve to ask Billy to consider. There had been some complaints that there was little pay-off final merchandise aimed at the ladies. Steve explained that such merchandise had to be ordered prior to the semi-final and carried a high financial risk.

2017-18 Shirts - Launch of the home shirt should be by the end of June. Stocks of all sizes should be available.

Museum / Memorabilia - In Alan’s absence Steve asked us to get Mel to contact Steve.

Pitch Invasions and Crowd Control - Supporters need to understand that pitch invasions do harm to the club. A strategy is needed to get this message across, and also to minimise the likelihood of further occurrences. Many options were discussed, and Steve asked MSC to document the various tactics that might improve things. Consideration might be given to not putting tickets on general sale next time we play at Wembley.

London Bridge Terror Attack - The chairman and the MSC would like to do something to honour the four Millwall fans who contributed. Various options are being looked at. It is possible that the club will need to increase security due to an increased possibility of being targeted.

Regeneration/Public Enquiry - Public enquiry is going on now. Submissions have been made by MFC and AMS and the deadline has now passed. There is nothing the MSC can usefully do at the moment.

Foodbank - If MSC can investigate and revive, the club will support with promotion, etc.

Any Other Business

  • SE16 Bar - The club would like to develop this further, consideration to be given to a local food kiosk. This will not work, however, if fans bring their own drink.
  • Fans Forum - The club will look for a suitable date prior to the first league match.
  • Allocated seating - The option of making the CBL Stand allocated seating was discussed without conclusion.
  • New flags - The flags need replacing, MSC to identify previous supplier and Colin to order.
  • Memorial Game - It is proposed to hold a ‘Memorial Game’, probably in the new year, to commemorate members of the Millwall family who have passed away in the previous 12 months. It is also appropriate to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Basingstoke minibus crash.
  • Programme Shop - This will be moving.
  • Lions Live - The format was discussed and the discussion will continue with George and the club.

Next meeting - Thursday 27th July.

MSC / Club Meeting - 30 March 2017

In attendance - Steve Kavanagh CEO, Alan Williams (MFC). Bob Asprey, Graeme Smale, Ted Robinson, Stan Godwin (MSC).

Sale of Season Tickets 2017/18 as of the date of the meeting

(Total last year 189) - Total today 525
• Adults (81) 258
• Seniors (73) 131
• 16-21 (6) 32
• U16 (6) 20
• U12 (23) 84

So far tickets have only been advertised on Social Media and the Club Website, letters will be sent to STH’s and Members, it was felt that these figures were a good indication, but it was very early days yet.

Club Questionnaire to fans
It was reported that it is still work in progress, it is expected that the questionnaire will go out in the not too distant future. The questionnaire is being designed so a good general view will be given. The club want as many fans as possible to take part.

The club have heard nothing officially from the Council although there was an article in the Guardian this week by Barney Ronay. Renewal are still going on with their PR Campaign.

Aftermath of Leicester and Tottenham Matches
Steve said with regards to the Leicester game the club have provided all the necessary information to the FA. Leicester have done so and now it was a case of waiting to see if the FA want anything further. On the Spurs match it was pointed out that neither Spurs nor the player nor their fans made any complaint about the chanting towards the spurs player, in fact it was a member of the press. The referee’s report made no mention of the chanting, but has subsequently been asked about it. If required the club will offer further assistance.

2017/18 Shirts
Alan Williams reported that the 2016/17 home shirt is the best ever selling shirt. With regards to the shirts for the 2017/18 season the design is agreed and will go into production when the sponsors are confirmed. We asked if the club intended to make either the home or away strip into an all-white we were told no, not this year anyway. The current manufacturers of the kit ERREA have one more year to on their contract with the club. The club was asked if they were happy with ERREA they confirmed they were , but they are keeping their options open for the future.

Fans Forum
Steve Kavanagh confirmed that it is a Football League Rule that clubs must have a minimum of 2 Fans Forum per season. Under the rules of the Football League there meetings are not just open to Season Ticket Holders and Members but to all Millwall fans. When asked how he found his first meeting with the fans at the forum he said he it was part of his learning curve about the club and fans.

Family Club of the Year
It was reported that for the first time ever Millwall have been shortlisted for this award, and this demonstrated that the club is moving in the right direction regarding families at the Den.

Benefits for Members and Season Ticket Holders

There will additional benefits rolled out in the next week or two, also the Marketing Dept. will be launching a campaign for lapsed Season Ticket and Members. We asked to be kept up to date on progress and we will monitor this matter at future meetings.

Live Streaming of Matches
Steve Kavanagh told that the club was aware of fans who were streaming games on their mobile phones. He reminded us that to do this is illegal he also pointed out under Ground Rules of the Football League fans are not even allowed to take photo’s . The streaming of matches in the Football League and Premier League is a major problem because it means a serious loss in revenue. In fact in the Guardian carried a story stating that the Premier League will be taking a strong line.

Player of the Season and End of Season Dinner
Fans have already been notified on the club website that the dinner will be held on the 23rd April, the cost of the tickets will be £75 + VAT per person. The MSC noted that it was marketed as the Millwall POTY and not the MSC POTY. Alan Williams responded that there was no conscious effort to exclude the MSC in any way, it was being organised by a new team this year. The ticket price is back to where it was two years ago, the lower price in 2016 had resulted in a loss. The MSC will be organising the voting for the Player of the Year at the home match on Good Friday. Fans can also vote online.

Memorabilia Update
Alan Williams reported that it is proposed to have the museum ready for the start of the 2017/18 season. He reported he had a meeting with the ‘museum committee’ whch is doing this project and he was very impressed with their memorabilia, their natural enthusiasm and with the plans in general.

The meeting finished at 6.05 and the next meeting has not yet been scheduled as it will be after the season and after the MSC AGM.


MSC / Club Meeting - 2 March 2017

In attendance - Steve Kavanagh, Alan Williams – MFC
Bob Asprey, Stan Godwin, Ted Robinson, Laura Romitelli, Micky Simpson – MSC

Tottenham tickets update
2,700 sold after two days of sales with just under 1,000 left for Friday onwards. The club expects to sell out fairly soon. The majority of sales have been made remotely (online/telephone) with only a small proportion in person.

The recent months have been an education process for both the club and supporters. Supporters are becoming much more knowledgeable on how to best manage their season tickets to maximise their loyalty points and there is much more confidence in the system. The club is working hard to communicate better on this and in other areas.

Tickets for home and away ends have been seen for sale on secondary websites. Steve was aware of one of these and has reported it to the FA. He took details of another site where tickets were advertised.

There are rumours and concerns that police may use dispersal notices on the day that will therefore not allow people with tickets into the area. Given the high profile of this match, the club is clearly working closely with the police and others to manage the day as well as possible. Steve will ask Ken Chapman to look into this concern.

Associated with season tickets/loyalty points, the club is looking to offer a cashless card for use around the stadium and this could link to loyalty points. Micky suggested that the quality of the food for sale is debatable and Alan said he already tested random kiosks and the club uses a mystery shopper. Regardless, Alan and Micky arranged to visit a number of kiosks together on an upcoming matchday. Club is going through a catering retendering exercise, so this is important and timely. Although the contract is stadiumwide, to make it commercially viable, the club have looked at other speciality concessions. Anything on these lines would need to be agreed with the principal contractor. Again, the club is looking at beer lanes in order to speed up service. Bottom up glasses were used for the Leicester game, but our average gate doesn’t make this viable as a permanent solution. The club is open to any other ideas or suggestions.

2017/18 season tickets
Loyalty points next season will start from zero but this year’s records will be held as contingency. Some clubs apparently have a rolling system to additionally reward long term commitment, and this could be considered as part of our loyalty scheme.

Plan is to launch 2017-2018 season ticket sales during March. There will be a saver period but full details of this year’s prices and options have not yet been finalised.

The Chesterfield £10 promotion was a success, with the gate up 2,000 compared to the previous Tuesday fixture (Port Vale) and most of those sales made following the announcement of the offer; catering and other sales were also up. The club are conscious of season ticket holders – this season, they’ve received a £5 discount on prices for cup game and obviously receive other benefits such as priority for important games, such as Spurs.

Renewal seem to have decided to go on the offensive. Mushtaq Malik gave an interview to ITV and South London Press are stating that the CPO process will, in time, be repeated. The tactic appears to be to try to paint John Berylson as a US based venture capitalist, looking to profit from the club and the regeneration. John has made a statement to the SLP repeating his commitment to the club. The club will not be dignifying much of what’s said with a response, but certain items, such as those regarding the chairman, will be challenged. The fight will get louder.

The inquiry into the council’s actions has been called but its remit is too narrow. While the inquiry continues, nothing can happen, in respect of progressing the regeneration. It’s estimated that the inquiry will take a minimum of six months.

New Fan on the Board and Terms of Reference
In accordance with the MSC constitution, applications/nominations for FOTB can only come from those currently part of the MSC committee. There is one candidate, who has therefore won the process – Micky. The role has been discussed and the conclusion is it’s the same as is but without being a director of the club. Micky doesn’t see that as important, he feels he has to build trust with the club but hopes the directorship can be kept open for future review. He also feels the FotB has lost credibility with the fanbase and is often seen as a club mouthpiece, rather than a fan spokesman. Having to sign the confidentiality clauses required of a director could be seen to continue that perception.

The FOTB needs to properly engage with the fans and needs to be accessible on a matchday. He will then engage with Steve and maybe other directors before board meetings. The FOTB also needs to make the fans aware of the issues coming out of the club, both operational and strategic issues. There will also be occasional meetings with the chairman. While there is MSC and other social media available, the FotB should make use of the club’s YouTube channel to validate the relationship. The announcement will be made shortly on tonight’s Lions Live. It will also be announced within the next day that John has asked Pete to be a plc director, in recognition of his long service in the role.

Club questionnaire to fans
This is currently being compiled. There are two versions, one for the Executive areas and one for the rest of the stadium and the results will help shape plans for next season. The final draft will come to the MSC for review before its release by the end of next week.

Increasing gates
The Chesterfield game is an example of the initiatives being used. This was implemented very quickly: suggested on Monday morning; approved by 1pm and launched, with a supporting video by 2pm.

Supporters’ coaches from Kent/Medway
This is included in the questionnaire.

Touchline incident with Southend substitute
The player made an allegation of racism, which is under police investigation.

Pitch invasion post Leicester
The club does not condone people coming onto the pitch but the overwhelming majority of people were simply celebrating the win. Leicester have released a letter of complaint to the press but not directly to Millwall. The police are continuing with their investigations and have today released a number of photos to the media.

Objects being thrown on the pitch
At the end of the Leicester game, the flashpoint was dealt with quickly, efficiently and according to protocol. The horses were there to avoid trouble, not because there was any trouble. The mentality of throwing items has to be eradicated; it’s damaging to the club and its reputation.

Disability Supporter Rep
Various disabled fans have issues, is there point of contact? The MSC is open to all supporters, able bodied or disabled, but will happily designate somebody to disabled supporters as a rep/point of contact. Millwall for All has disability reps, so Bob will also speak to them and a couple of regular disabled fans.

Memorabilia update
Alan will shortly be meeting with the historians to finalise their plans. Alan wants a breakdown of what they have and how it’s to be displayed. The historians have drawings and a suggested layout. Costings will be reviewed. MSC will be making a contribution, which was provisionally and originally agreed at £1,000.

Olympic Stadium Coalition
As previously discussed, it would be good to put our name to this and it could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Steve will pass more information on to Bob.

End of season dinner
No date yet confirmed. Anniversary team recognition is part of the plans.

Any other business

  • Smoking there are no signs advising fans of the external smoking areas. Steve will speak to Colin, as there are rules to be adhered to but additional signage should be possible.
  • Leicester game Due to a lack of stewards at the tops of the stairs, gangways couldn’t be kept clear. Similarly, since relegation to League One, stewards do not check tickets to the upper tiers at the bottom of those stairs. This makes it difficult for fans trying to watch the game from the seats.
  • Fans’ forum will be held before the end of the season, date to be decided, according to other commitments. Neil, Steve and Micky is the planned panel. FL rules require two open meetings with the fans per season.
  • MSC has donated £1,000 to the junior cricket team that Barney Ronay is involved with, in recognition of his work on the regeneration.

Meeting closed 18.06
Next meeting 30 April 2017



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